maandag 18 februari 2019

“Hundreds of thousands” could die

James Allen  

Dear Reader,
This coming Wednesday, we’re breaking new ground here at Southbank Investment Research.
Most of the research we share with you is – rightly – focused entirely on your money. How you can protect what you have and make the most of your savings.
But for the very first time on Wednesday 20th February we’re sharing the results of a long term investigation into a growing threat to Britain that won’t just affect your money… but could actually threaten your way of life and personal security.
It’s not me making that claim. I’ve discovered the key figures within our armed forced and intelligence services are extremely concerned about this. The head of the Department of Defence said this could result in the deaths of “hundreds of thousands” of people in Britain.
That’s a pretty alarming statement. But it underlines just how seriously you need to take this threat.
This threat is going to have major financial implications too, which is why we got interested in it to begin with. We’ll explain what you need to do on Wednesday. 
But I’m writing to you today to ensure you give our investigation your full attention the second it is released at 2pm. That’s why I’m getting in touch with all 150,000 of our readers – to make sure you’re ready and waiting on Wednesday at 2pm – and you join our ‘priority list’ who’ll get everything first.
I’ll be in touch again at 2pm on Wednesday,
James Allen
Associate Publisher, Southbank Investment Research