dinsdag 1 mei 2018

‘Hypotheekrente 20 en 30 jaar vast onder druk door extra concurrentie van Rabo-dochter Vista’

De komst van een nieuwe geldverstrekker op de hypotheekmarkt zorgt meteen voor sterkere concurrentie bij hypotheken met een lange rentevast periode. Daarbij gaat het vooral om hypotheektarieven voor 20 en 30 jaar vast.
“Wat opvalt is dat aanbieders als NIBC Direct en Venn met renteaanpassingen reageerden op de komst van de nieuwe geldverstrekker Vista Hypotheken”, schrijft financieel intermediair De Hypotheekshop in de nieuwsbrief van deze week.
Vista is een dochterbedrijf van Rabobank, maar de financiering van hypotheken komt van zogenoemde institutionele beleggers zoals pensioenfondsen en verzekeraars. Volgens De Hypotheekshop richt Vista zich daarbij specifiek op hypotheken met een lange rentevaste periode van 20 of 30 jaar, terwijl Rabobank en diens dochter Obvion zich sterker profileren in het middellange segment van 10 tot 20 jaar.
De komst van Vista is hiermee vooral bedoeld als concurrentie voor andere zogenoemde ‘regiepartijen’, zoals Munt hypotheken, die ook met geld van pensioenfondsen en verzekeraars op de hypotheekmarkt actief zijn.
Een blik op de actuele rentes voor 20 en 30 jaar vast laat zien dat Vista vooral bij hypotheken zonder NHG-garantie scherp in de markt zit.
Zo behoort Vista tot de 5 goedkoopste aanbieders bij hypotheekrentes voor 20 jaar vast waarbij de hypotheek maximaal 80 procent van de woningwaarde bedraagt.
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Voor hypotheken met een rentevaste periode van 30 jaar die maximaal 80 procent van de woningwaarde dekken, zit Vista in de top 10 van scherpste aanbieders.
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LEES OOK 12 redenen waarom starters het zo zwaar hebben op de huizenmarkt – die liggen niet allemaal voor de hand


The quiet patriotism of our next CIA Director

Driving the Day

President Donald J. Trump presents the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy to the Army college football team, which defeated Air Force and Navy this season. Watch live at 12 p.m. ET.
The President will meet the crew of Southwest Flight 1380, thanking them for their heroic actions following an equipment malfunction that claimed one life two weeks ago.
Israel released information yesterday about Iranian efforts to develop missile-deliverable nuclear weapons. Read the statement from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

The quiet patriotism of our next CIA Director

Last week, CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel assumed the role of Acting Director upon Mike Pompeo’s swearing-in as America’s 70th Secretary of State. Haspel is President Trump’s choice to succeed Secretary Pompeo at the CIA’s helm on a permanent basis.
Service in the CIA is largely quiet, behind-the-scenes work to keep America safe. The names of these men and women are often unknown to the wider public, but their contributions to national security are indispensable. Haspel’s rise within the Agency is a testament to the crucial work of these public servants.
Like Secretary Pompeo, Haspel’s credentials are far-reaching. She joined the CIA in the waning days of the Cold War and years later, with the fight against al Qaeda heating up, she requested a transfer to the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center. Her first day on the job was September 11, 2001.

Stunning new data on unaccompanied alien children

The costs from America’s porous immigration system continue to rise. At the end of April, news broke that between October 2016 and December 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was unable to locate nearly 1,500 of the 7,635 unaccompanied alien minors it attempted to reach—almost one-fifth of its file.
“I don’t care what you think about immigration policy, it’s wrong,” Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) said. He’s right: A very small percentage of the unaccompanied alien children (UAC) who illegally enter the United States each year are ultimately removed, creating a major public safety challenge.
Loopholes in our immigration laws put both UACs and American citizens at risk. Most UACs are older teens (16-17 years old) from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Some are MS-13 gang members who use our immigration system to infiltrate the United States, but UACs who are not gang members are still at risk of harm from MS-13. This broken system is dangerous for everyone.

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks
President Donald J. Trump and President Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria | April 30, 2018

Courthouses Scientology cult will be shutting down!!!

To President Donald Trump, First Lady Miss Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Miss Karen Pence and all the Members from THE WHITE HOUSE Washington D.C.


Thank you for keeping me connected to THE WHITE HOUSE Washington D.C and here is a newsarticle wich is very important for the next generations so please read this very good and shutdown the courthouses from the pseudo cult Scientology also in the European Union wich isn't a continent anymore.


Wealthy liberal elites tied to NXIVM group

Jamie White | Infowars.com - APRIL 30, 2018 449 Comments 
The Hollywood-based sex cult known as NXIVM has links to the Rothschild banking dynasty through heiresses to the Seagram whiskey fortune.
The billionaire heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, donated hundreds of millions to the “female mentorship group” since the early 2000s, against the wishes of their father, Bronfman patriarch Edgar Sr.
The Bronfman sisters’ brother Matthew is on the board of directors of Bronfman & Rothschild Wealth Advisors along with investment matriarch Lynn Forester de Rothschild.
The 200-member NXIVM groupbegan making mainstream headlines after ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack was charged with three counts of child trafficking and conspiracy to enslave children.
Mack (released on $5 million bailand now on house arrest) is accused of being a recruiter for the group, and second-in-command under founder Keith Raniere, who is believed to have accrued a harem of sex slaves over decades.
Despite the charges against Mack and Raniere, Clare Bronfman – who now runs the NXIVM group in Raniere’s absence – released a statement through front company Executive Success Programs to express her continued support for Raniere and Mack.
“Some have asked me why I remain a member and why I still support NXIVM and Keith Raniere,” Bronfman wrote. “The answer is simple: I’ve seen so much good come from both our programs and from Keith himself. It would be a tragedy to lose the innovative and transformational ideas and tools that continue to improve the lives of so many.”
According to former NXIVM publicist-turned whistleblower Frank Parlato, Clare has geared the group into “crisis mode” and is no longer recruiting women.
“She’s the enforcer—the brutal one. Clare’s running the [operation] now, and she’s the most ruthless of them,” Parlato told the New York Post.
“I’m issuing an absolute warning now. Clare Bronfman is a true fanatic, and if there’s a Jim Jones situation, everyone will commit suicide but her.”
Additionally, it’s notable that at least three high-ranking members of NXIVM, including Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters, are members of the Clinton Global Initiative, which requires an annual $15,000 membership fee.
View the charges filed against Raniere and Mack below:

You can find this on the website from Alex Jones Infowars.
So because you make America great again and you do what you say and promise the U.S.A Citizens it is a need to shutdown everything from Scientology because they are the root of all evil and the euro is a pseudo-currency from the pseudo cult Scientology so please publish this in the news on 04-05-2018 on all the newschannels around 07.00 hour in the morning.
I believe you have a lot more people who love JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD ALMIGHTY.
I Ranny believe that you can win the nobelprize for worldpeace if you go to Iran or invite the President from Iran to visit the United States of America so we can stop this nuclear world war three.

Thank You