donderdag 25 oktober 2018

Will the FTSE downturn be a short term thing?

Dear Reader,
I’m hosting an exclusive online event on Thursday 1st November where I’m going to show you an exciting new market timing tool we’ve been developing behind the scenes here at Southbank Investment Research.
It’s based on a really clever algorithm. This algorithm crunches data from a few different markets at their close every Friday.
On Monday morning, it issues signals for each of these markets, which we can email to you.
These signals say one of three things:
1) Buy
2) Sell and go to cash
3) Go short
You can use these signals to help you time your investment decisions.
This algorithm has the potential to be the most valuable investing tool we’ve ever developed.
We put it through 28 years’ worth of historical trials against the FTSE 100. It beat the market over that time by almost 700%.
It also beat...
  • The Japanese Nikkei by a shade over 450% since 1992
  • The Italian MIB by just over 500% since 1998
  • The Australian ASX200 by almost 700% since 1998
  • The French CAC by almost 1,000% since 1992
  • The China 300 Index by just over 1,000% since 2005
  • The All Europe Stoxx by just over 1,300% since 1992
  • The German Dax by just over 1,500% since 1990
  • The Spanish Ibex by almost 1,600% since 1992
  • The US Dow Jones by 12,000% since 1929
  • The US S&P500 by almost 23,000% since 1950
Just so we’re clear: this is simulated past performance.
In other words: this is what would have happened, had you followed the algorithm’s signals on each of these markets over that time.
While it might look spectacular, simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
You can see why I want to show you this tool though, right?
Just imagine you had a general idea of how long market trends were going to last...
What would you do with that information?
Join us on Thursday 1st November, and you’ll get to see what’s possible.
Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research