woensdag 17 oktober 2018

Italy crisis – watch our video interview NOW

Dear Reader,
The situation in Italy is escalating every single day.
This week alone, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has given an interview in which he said the Italian government does not "feel bound by the norms on public deficit decreed by Brussels and which many European governments have ignored, starting with France, Spain and German".
He added that “we were elected to change things”.
Just five days ago, a headline on marketwatch.com read,
“Italian stock index ends in bear market as Europe benchmarks mauled”.
Back in May, the FTSE 100 lost £25bn when the Italian bonds spread spiked.
This is a dangerous situation. That’s why I recommend you watch the video interview I recently conducted with Nick Hubble, our chief strategist and the man who has predicted every stage of the Italian crisis with remarkable accuracy.
In the interview, Nickolai explains why the situation in Italy has been allowed to reach this point and – most importantly – what you need to do to safeguard your wealth from the following fallout.
Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research