zaterdag 22 september 2018

How to predict MAJOR economic events for profit

Nick Hubble

Dear Reader,
“Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the timing of future economic events with a high level of detail and accuracy” says an article from Forbes last Friday 14th September.
If you believe statements like that then I’m afraid you’ll never make any serious money.
How can I say that which such certainty?
Because I’ve met a man who wants to show you his most valuable investing secret. Namely:
Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.
And when I say recurring… I’m talking about the opportunity to bank that amount as often as every fortnight or so.
Big business and government are aware of this economic event too. It’s crucial to the functioning of the economy.
But weirdly, you won’t find any reference to it in Forbes... Or almost any mainstream media publication.
My associate is one of the few men willing to go public with what he knows...
And the only trader in the world who exploits it:
Nick Hubble
Editor, Capital & Conflict