dinsdag 18 september 2018

Bye bye Inheritance Tax

Nick Hubble

Dear Reader,
I’m sure you’ve read plenty of horror stories about Inheritance Tax by now.
Families having to go into debt in order to pay the taxman hundreds of thousands of pounds…
People being forced to sell their own homes and businesses just to survive…
HMRC adding hefty interest penalties at the first opportunity...
And I’m sure you're thinking:
It’ll never happen to me, right?
Well don’t be so sure…
Inheritance Tax is on the rise in the UK. More people are paying it than ever before. And by 2020 the numbers are forecast to almost double again.
Whatever assets you think are safe from the clutches of the taxman, may not be.
And your family could be punished for your lack of due care and attention.
I don’t want to see that happen.
It will show you how to say bye to Inheritance Tax for good.
And ensure that your family avoids their own Inheritance Tax nightmare after you’ve gone.
And I should say, the sooner you move on the ideas within it, the more beneficial they will be to your loved ones.