dinsdag 1 mei 2018

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Did Iran lie to the world about wanting to build a nuclear weapon? That's the claim made by Israeli prime minister as he revealed alleged secret intelligence, but our diplomatic correspondent says there was little new in Netanyahu's flashy presentation
Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leading eurosceptic MP, says Britain is lucky to have Donald Trump in the White House while it forges its post-Brexit future
Next time you listen to a song on Spotify, be aware that central bankers may be watching. They're using listening habits to decide when to change interest rates
Javid to end hostile era for illegal immigrants
Sajid Javid has warned the Home Office to expect an overhaul after the Windrush scandal as he ditches the policy of creating a "hostile environment" for illegal immigrants and seeks to break free from Theresa May's legacy
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Discriminate against job applicants from Eton, says Tory
A former education secretary says companies should discriminate against job applicants from Eton, the prestigious boarding school, because their grades are "not as impressive" as those achieved by candidates from struggling state schools
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Vatican No 3 to face trial on abuse charges
Cardinal Pell, the Oxford-educated prelate hand-picked by the Pope to take charge of Vatican finances, has become the highest-ranking Vatican official to face trial on charges of historical sex abuse
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Thousands of rail travellers forced to take bus instead
The number of train passengers forced to endure rail replacement bus services has reached its highest level in at least a decade, The Times has learnt
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Javid has the potential to detoxify the Tories
Rachel Sylvester: the new home secretary must build a more liberal immigration regime and resist the temptation to be a 'Mini-May'
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If our tech breaks we'll be back in the dark ages
Hugo Rifkind: the TSB fiasco is just a taste of the problems being created by our increasing reliance on systems we don't understand
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Trump deserves peace prize, not me, says Moon
President Trump should be awarded the Nobel prize for his pursuit of peace on the Korean peninsula, President Moon of South Korea said yesterday
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Netanyahu tries to sell himself as the indispensable man
Analysis: Binyamin Netanyahu can offer two major assets to help Mr Trump: his own considerable rhetorical skills and the fabled capabilities of Israel's spies
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Trump delays decision on UK steel tariffs
The United States has given allies including Britain another 30-day reprieve from punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium
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Prodigal's return is no guarantee that Sainsbury's-Asda deal is in the bag
There was plenty of backslapping among the top brass of Sainsbury's and Asda as shareholders backed a merger yesterday, but the biggest test is yet to come 
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Liverpool fans warned of hooligan threat in Rome
Liverpool fans arriving in Rome a day early to visit the city before their match against Roma tomorrow have been warned that they face a greater danger of being attacked by local hooligans
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Hardaker 'could have died' had he carried on drinking
An anti-doping panel has suggested it was "fortuitous" that Zak Hardaker, one of England's leading rugby league players, decided to take cocaine because he could have died if he had instead continued on a dangerous drinking binge
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Bullying, antisemitism, trolling? 'It's all mud-slinging'
Laura Parker, head of the campaign group Momentum, says that claims of bullying and antisemitism are a case of sour grapes
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How to stop the misery of migraines
Dr Mark Porter: the latest breakthrough is a novel way to prevent migraines - and as we all know, prevention is better than cure
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Professor Peter Waddington obituary
Policing expert known as 'Tank' who unwittingly started the poll tax riot in 1990, then invented 'kettling' and enjoyed impersonating Elvis
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Proposals for head teachers to get legal powers are rejected
Plans drawn up by the SNP to hand head teachers legal powers are unwanted and unnecessary, a government consultation has found
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Last orders: shops slash drink prices before minimum pricing
Some supermarkets drastically cut the price of alcohol yesterday to give customers last-minute bargains before Scotland becomes the first British nation to introduce minimum pricing
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All 1,500 cervical cancer cases will be reviewed
The smear tests of almost 1,500 women diagnosed with cervical cancer over the past ten years may be analysed as part of a review announced by the health minister, The Times has learnt
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Homeless figures were inflated by 600 in error
At least 600 people have been wrongly classified as homeless because of errors made by county councils across the country, Eoghan Murphy has said
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