vrijdag 23 februari 2018

Oil-backing for THIS crypto

Dear Reader,
The world’s first crypto-backed currency is about to be launched.
The Venezuelan government launched the pre-sale of its national, oil-backed cryptocurrency Petro on Tuesday 20th February.
According to the Financial Times, the government vows “that it will accept petros as a form of payment of national taxes, fees, contributions and public services.”
Now, I’ll be honest – I think this could go either way.
Venezuela’s economy has been through some choppy times recently. It launched this crypto in the latest effort to get its finances in order.
As a crypto investment expert, I prefer the cryptos that operate in the free market. No government intervention whatsoever. And in particular…
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And maybe even more importantly…
There’s one crypto you should definitely avoid.
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The market is moving so fast, I can’t leave the Roadmap online forever.
Sam Volkering
Editor, Southbank Investment Research