zaterdag 16 december 2017

The BitGrid

A revolution in energy generation is happening.”

The BitGrid

The same tech that sent bitcoin on a 86,000% price rise…

…could be about to turn the entire energy world on its head… drop energy prices dramatically … kill oil & gas as main energy suppliers for good… and make a fortune for early adopters.

Just one investment – far, FAR easier than buying bitcoin or cryptos – gets you in at the ground floor of this energy revolution. Read on and I’ll show you what it is …

Dear Friend,
Necker Island
You’ve heard of bitcoin by now, I’m sure.
The world’s first “crypto” currency has exploded into the mainstream this year, making a fortune for investors.
For instance, £1,000 invested in bitcoin on the 1st January, 2016 would be worth more than £24,150 today… an incredible gain.
That same £1,000 invested back when bitcoin was still “underground” in 2013 would now be worth a stunning 86,902% more. That’s the kind of return that generates “second home” money for most people.
But what most people don’t know is this…
The very same technology that makes bitcoin so valuable is now being rolled out in the ENERGY industry.
And just as bitcoin has radically disrupted the status quo in the financial world…
I believe the same technology is going to turn the energy industry upside down.
Not only that, I’m convinced it’s going to make a fortune for early investors.
Will it soar as high as bitcoin’s 86,902%?
I couldn’t say. That’d be pure speculation.
But I do know it has the potential to be just as disruptive… just as powerful… and just as valuable as bitcoin has been in the financial markets.
For instance, the UK government, alongside the National Grid and tech firm Siemens, recently awarded a contract to trial this same blockchain technology out in Britain.
It’s already believed to be a £1bn market… with the potential for explosive growth.
In short, the blockchain is at the heart of a NEW energy revolution… one that’s more valuable than all the oil & gas in the world put together… and could hand you an enormous windfall if you move on it early.
In fact, as this new energy moves towards rapidly towards mainstream adoption (and it’s moving FAST - Bill Gates and his colleagues just put $1 billion in), it could sweep away the “old” way of generating power for good.
Scores of traditional energy suppliers (even your own) could be forced to slash prices by 50%... 70%... even 80%.
Old, aging infrastructure like the national grid could become obsolete. Major energy suppliers will be forced to compete… or go bust.
Oil rich regions like the Gulf will see their power undermined by something better, cheaper and more stable than oil.
And a new class of energy producer will rise to prominence overnight, helping early investors like you build “once in a generation” wealth.
This world might feel far off.
But it’s coming.
Sooner than anyone realises.
It all comes back to the secret behind bitcoin… known as the blockchain.
Frankly, I believe it’s the biggest untold story in the energy world right now.
Nothing… not solar energy… not battery tech… not wind… nuclear… geothermal… or fusion even comes close.
And if you want to profit from it... you need to follow this link right now.
Eoin Treacy
Southbank Investment Research