woensdag 27 september 2017

What to buy now... and when to sell

Bron: Capital & Conflict

All markets are headed... up.
So says Akhil Patel.
There will be a correction sometime in 2020-2021.
Then it’s a race to the top. Akhil’s expecting the next major market crash sometime in 2026.
If you speak to Akhil – and I do several times a week – you realise, he’s not messing about.
His vision of the future is extremely clear. He knows what we’re likely to see... and how it’s all going to play out.
Read his detailed report and you’ll see: his optimism is not the result of crystal-ball gazing. There are no tea-leaves or magic lamps involved.
Nor are his nine predictions for the next decade the product of some kind of heightened ‘spiritual awareness’.
Most importantly, you’ll discover that Akhil has mapped out all major market turning points over the next decade.
All of them: stocks... property... commodities...
If you invest, this is the kind of alternative viewpoint you need to hear to from time to time. I guarantee it will help you put the weirdness of the last few years into context, at the very least.
And it will give you several interesting ideas about where to put your money now, in anticipation of the boom Akhil predicts is coming...
Yes, ‘boom’.
That’s not a misspelling of ‘crash’.