zaterdag 6 januari 2018

The murder of bitcoin


Dear Reader,
Let me put bitcoin’s searing rise in 2017 in context for you.
At the start of last year you could buy one bitcoin for around $425.
By 31st December, it would cost you more than $13,400 to get your hands on one.
That same massive surge in price this year would see bitcoin soar past $400k.
Let me tell you something… it’s possible.
I sat and watched the website in amazement earlier this year. Over a 30 minute period I saw $116m flood into bitcoin. That’s old money invested in a new, revolutionary asset class.
As far as I’m concerned, your first port of call as an investor should be to load up on a little bitcoin.
Whatever level of stake you are comfortable with. If you haven’t already done that – what are you waiting for?
But here’s something a lot of investors I speak to can’t get their head around…
Bitcoin is NOT my #1 pick in the crypto market.
Yes, I see it flying high from here on out.
But if I had to pick one coin to rule them all… it’s not bitcoin. No, it’s a crypto that some are calling ‘the new internet’. A crypto that is partnering with some of the richest companies on earth to revolutionise business transactions on a wide-scale.
A crypto that – in my estimation – could climb 49,000% from where it sits today. That’s the kind of move that turns ‘beer money’ of £100 into nearly £50k.
I think, in time, this crypto will be THE dominant force in this alt-coin revolution. Ultimately, in terms of impact and utility, it could leave bitcoin for dust. 
It’s the absolute King of the Cryptos, in my book, and here’s why…

“The bottomless goldmine”

Imagine you stumbled across a rich gold mine…
What the old gold-bugs used to call “a producer – a real humdinger”.
The further you explored it, the more gold it contained.
100 meters in, 300 meters, a mile, two miles, ten miles… the rich seam of gold never ended.
It’s the world’s first bottomless gold mine.
You don’t have to dig out all the gold yourself – that’s hard work. You can lease it to all the other miners who pay you vast sums to mine it.
They make money from selling the gold, and you get your cut. The more miners, the more money for you. The richer they get from selling their gold, the richer you get too.
That’s the opportunity here with a very special crypto I have uncovered.
The company behind it has developed a completely unique cryptocurrency platform – one which has limitless applications.
Described as “the bitcoin for the business world”, the entire corporate sphere lays before it as a potential mega-market… a super-industry that gets opened up just once or twice in a generation.
And its early adopters count among the largest and richest names in finance and industry…
Intel is in.
Microsoft is in.
JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, ING, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse, BP and Santander are in.
Their unique crypto platform allows companies to conduct all of their business with 100% accuracy within the blockchain.
Here are just a few uses of it – to show you the vast potential:
Trading and securities exchange
Every share, commodity and financial transaction can be logged using this tech. And it can be done with no errors or lag and without paying for human interventions.
Value: according to Goldman Sachs, this could save financial firms $11bn-$12bn.
Storing account and payment information could standardise data needed to open accounts. For companies to immediately have instantly verified “know your customer” information is hugely valuable. This would be a tamper-proof record – like a digital passport for every customer.
Value: $3bn-$5bn in savings.
Land and property registry
Anyone who has ever bought property probably gets a headache recalling the arduous process. Not only is it costly, it is filled with errors. The transaction costs of exchanging deeds and insurance costs can be largely eliminated.
Value: $2bn-$4bn in savings.
Smart contracts
This may be the most valuable x-factor of this new tech. It’s priceless. And every business on Earth is a potential customer. A smart contract eliminates the need for any middle-man service.
The best way to describe smart contracts is to compare the technology to a vending machine. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them, and wait while you get the document ready for you.
With smart contracts on this crypto platform, you simply use it like a vending machine (ie, ledger), and your driver’s licence or hose deed or freelance contract or whatever drops into your account.
Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations.
For example, if you are a landlord and your tenant is even one minute late with his rent, a smart contract would (as agreed beforehand) immediately take the money from the tenants account, with a fine.
These smart agreements can be used by on credit card contracts, mobile phone agreements, car payment schemes – you name it. This crypto platform provides the adaptable tech for ANY kind of agreement. With no middle-man.
Value: well, I’ll leave you to try and figure out what every company in every industry on Earth is worth!
This crypto platform is fast becoming the lifeblood of the new business world.
Just like IBM computers transformed the workplace and corporate world in the 1980s and 1990s (seeing its stock rise 800% in those two decades)… this crypto is transforming how business is done RIGHT NOW.
And the scope of this tech is even bigger than that the enormous world of business and finance.
In early May news broke about a development for this crypto that could prove a tipping point… an avalanche moment in its history…
The Chinese Royal Mint is exploring the use of this tech in creating a new NATIONAL digital currency.
I have also discovered that one of the world’s largest payment companies is also using this crypto king for processing in China.
How this story develops could be the trigger that sends this crypto king VERTICAL in price.
This crypto-play ticks ALL the boxes for me.
  • One-of-a-kind technology
I can foresee a time – soon – when using this crypto platform will be a standard as it is to use Microsoft Word to write a document. It will just be “the way it is” – and every business will just adopt the tech as a matter of course.
  • Corporate backing
Microsoft, UBS, Intel, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse… and some of the biggest payment processors in China. The fuse has been lit.
  • Established network of users
More than 1,837,631 unique clients use this unique crypto platform. I expect the adoption rate to explode over the coming 12 months as possibly more than five million new clients join the network – increasing the total number of unique addresses four-fold.
  • Track record of milestone achievements
This company has a proven track record of developing technology with consistent upgrades to improve upon its service. And the explosion in the number of users makes it clear to me that the platform and team behind it can handle this eruption in scale.
  • Unique plan to commercialisation
This crypto king has formed a special alliance that includes some of the biggest names in tech and finance. Nothing else in the crypto-sphere has that kind of backing.
Let me be crystal clear here: if I had to tip one investment in the world today that I truly believe could take a small stake and turn it into a large fortune…
This is it.
And here’s the most exciting part of all…

This crypto king could turn £200 into £98,000!

This crypto is up over 2,900% over the last year.
That is outrageous growth – most people would be happy to bank that profit and live it up.
But I believe that is a tiny fraction of what will turn out to be a legendary growth story.
I think the way we look back at the growth of IBM, Cisco, Norton, Google from the last tech revolution… that’s how we’re going to look back at this crypto king.
And then some!
Given the scope for growth here – the opportunity to penetrate the entire corporate world – I believe this crypto has every chance of outpacing even bitcoin’s unstoppable rise. In my view, the estimated valuation of one bitcoin at $500,000 is well inside the realms of possibility.
Imagine if this crypto could indeed blow past bitcoin. If you invested in it now and it went to the price of bitcoin today you would turn US$170 into US$2,187. You’d make almost 13 times your money in one blast. But the long-term gains could be even greater than that…
Let’s say this crypto only achieves a FIFTH of bitcoin’s price… one unit of it would cost $100,000…
You’d be looking at 2,500 times your money from where it is today. You cannot ignore that potential upside.
But look, there’s no way to realistically put a price ceiling on this one.
How would you have valued the potential fortunes to be made from the railways as they spread like vines across the US in the early 1900s? The growth potential would have been too enormous to calculate.
You could never accurately estimate how many tracks would be laid… how many towns would spring up… how much of an essential utility it would become.
This is the same kind of pure, ground-breaking opportunity. Think of this crypto king as the railroad upon which all businesses going forward will ride.
There are risks of course. This is as early stage as it gets for this kind of breakthrough technology. There’s a long road ahead and there will be (and is) volatility.
But if you can stake money on this you can afford to lose, then the rewards – in my book – massively outweigh the risks.
My advice: buy a few coins today and hang on to them.
Have I been clear enough? If not – let me say it again:
If it’s money you can afford to spare, buy into this crypto and don’t let go.
I have written a special crypto investing guidebook to help people get clued up on this market.