donderdag 12 oktober 2017

The world’s first crypto city


Dear Reader,
When will the crypto market slow down?
Not anytime soon judging by recent events…
On Sunday bitcoin smashed through the $4,500 barrier once again – peaking at $4,614. And at the time of writing, its market cap is up 5% in the last 24 hours too – at $76.662 billion.
But look beyond the numbers for a moment to the real-world crypto transformations disrupting society.
A year ago, the notion that blockchain could be used to power an entire city would have seemed far-fetched.
But that’s exactly what’s happening in Dubai right now. With everything from its airport, to a citywide payments system and even an official state cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology now in development.
The Dubai Land Department – the government arm responsible for the registration and organisation of real estate in the emirate – is now processing and implementing all transactions on a blockchain.
Ultimately, all Dubai properties will be recorded on a blockchain within two to three years.
Japan could also place its entire property registry on a blockchain by unifying all property and land registries across urban, farmland and forested areas – including 230 million plots and 50 million buildings – by the year 2023.
An urban trial in selected cities will begin in summer 2018 too.
This is a revolution that’s happening right before your very eyes. In my view, it’s not a bubble – it’s gone way past that stage.
And if you want to be part of it as an investor… then you need to get up to speed now.
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