donderdag 12 oktober 2017

The middle class doesn' t want a tax cut. It wants a better government


Friend -- You read that right. The Washington Post would like you to believe that the middle-class and hard-working, everyday Americans, would rather have “better” government over much needed tax cuts.
While we would all love for the government to work “better” for us all, the working class needs a break and President Trump’s tax reform plan will offer just that!
Does the liberal Washington Post speak for you? Is “better” government all you want?


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Our current tax structure hinders small business, stifles growth and causes unnecessary burdens on American families.
Americans know what kind of tax reform they want and they don’t need the liberal media telling them what is best for them!
The American people want a fairer, flatter, and simplified tax code - one that is understood by the public and unleashes our economic growth and prosperity.
This Washington Post headline further proves how out-of-touch the liberal media is with the middle-class.
So Friend, help set the record straight by making your voice heard, because YOU are a taxpaying citizen and YOU deserve a say.

For Freedom,


David McIntosh

President, Club for Growth