donderdag 5 oktober 2017

Breaking: Cryptos to combat fake drug epidemic


Dear Reader,
Cryptocurrencies are more than money.
They are solutions.
For example, according to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, fake drugs cost the pharma industry €10.2bn a year. That’s in Europe alone.
The answer?
Pharma giants Pfizer and Genentech are turning to crypto tech.
With a combined market value of about $250bn, these huge pharma firms are teaming up to create a private ledger to verify all authentic drug projects and licences.
This is huge news. Another step forward for cryptos and their increasing importance in the world of business.
Just this week IMF Chief Christine Lagarde backed cryptos as a legitimate new form of money, saying that “citizens may one day prefer virtual currencies” to paper ones.
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Sam Volkering
Southbank Investment Research